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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Level :   Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
Author :   A S Hornby
Editor: Sally Wehmeier
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  The worlds best-selling advanced learners dictionary, already chosen by more than 30 million learners of English, packaged with the COMPASS CD-ROM.

183,500 British and American words, phrases, and meanings.
85,000 examples showing how words are used.
20,000 word origins explained on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
2,000 new words and meanings from British and American English, such as offshoring,
    life coach, sex up, Wi-Fi.
5,000 study words used in the sciences, maths, computing, literature, and business.
700 entries for words from Australia, Canada, East Africa, India, New Zealand, South Africa,
    and West Africa.
Includes the Oxford 3000 which identifies the 3,000 most important words that students need
    to know, with extended keyword entries to help build vocabulary.
7,000 synonyms and opposites, plus 200 special synonym notes covering 1,200 synonyms.
2,000+ words explained in illustrations and photographs.
2,600 encyclopedic entries explain references such as Walter Mitty, Fort Knox, Beacon Hill.
96-page Reference Section, with a handy Quick Grammar Guide and special focus pages on
    topics such as Telephoning and Text Messaging, Informal Letters and Emails, and bbreviations.

Only available with the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 7th Edition.
Instant access to the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, 7th Edition, Oxford Learners
    Wordfinder Dictionary, Oxford Guide to British and American Culture, and pronunciation in
    British and American English on one CD.
The Genie looks up words for you instantly when you are using the Internet, sending emails,
    or word processing.
20,000 word origins, taken from the world-famous Oxford Dictionary of English.

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Resource Book
64 pages including photocopiable worksheets to help students get more from their dictionary,
    and advice on using dictionaries in class.


Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary



Paperback with COMPASS CDROM
and Vocabulary Trainer
Hardback with COMPASS CD-ROM
Resource Book
Special Price Edition*
International Students Edition*
International Students Edition

45,500 won


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978 0 19 400116 8

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*available in certain markets only, please check with your local OUP office

[ѻ] Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Korean Dictionary
This new dictionary gives Korean translations of over 183,000 English words, phrases, and meanings, and of 85,000 examples of English words in use.
  Page 139
  Page 1499
  COMPASS CD-ROM Demonstration